Building World

Class Companies

Cardiax Capital is a private investment holding company which creates, acquires, and operates companies in various sectors. We leverage our capital through our extensive global network, operational expertise, and long-term investment horizon. We have a process-driven approach for long-term value creation.

Our value creation process is not about taking risks. Rather, it is centered around gathering different perspectives so as to achieve risk mitigation.

Our Founder



Cardiax Capital was founded by Jean-Marc Bougie.


Previously, Mr. Bougie was CEO of a private holding company with businesses in a variety of sectors across Canada, employing more than 3,000 people. During his tenure with the group, Mr. Bougie grew the enterprise value from a few hundred million dollars to more than $4.5b. He also led the diversification of the group across various sectors. The group had operations in the life sciences, real estate, seniors living, industrial and technology sectors.


Prior to that, he was Managing Director in the investment banking division of RBC Capital Markets, Canada's leading investment bank.


Mr. Bougie resides in Montreal, Canada.